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This site is for our BDSM workshop offers. The workshops can be held in Karlsruhe, germany or worldwide. In Karlsruhe, we have a private location or a room at in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg in germany. Current workshops are listed on the main page.
You can contact me via contact form of course or take a look at Joyclub.

Bondage workshop Suspension (Shibari with hemp/jute rope)

In this bondage workshop we teach basics for bondage, to have creative and safe fun with rope, especially hemp/jute rope, so we do shibari (japanese bondage). Furthermore we deliver a suspension experience in a safe environment. This is a first glimpse at suspension, but much more learning is needed after this course. The actual suspension part ist short, the main part is preperation for the suspension. So you don't miss out (timewise), if you spontaneous decide not to try it.

Bondage is for two people of course (expcept self bondage of course). If you don't participate as couple, we will mix you with any other participient of any gender. So you shpuld be ok with that. We also want you to be respectful to your temporary bondage partner.

Topics among others

Bring with you...
comfy clothing (tight is better than wide) trousers/pants are best. no skirts. For women a bra for sports is best. We have rope, drinks and little snacks.
Duration: approx. 6 hours.
Dates: hier

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You can watch our tutorials online. Clips and videos can't replace a live workshop. Soon we will offer streaming sessions. Stay tuned on patreon

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